Olympique Band One of a Kind up Close and Personal Interview

Olympique band, Nino, Fabian, Leo

“I’d love to bring my stuff and play here” says Fabian Woschnagg going back and forth , testing out the acoustic properties of the reinvigorated city palace Liechtenstein. But while still reflecting on the reverberation qualities of the stylish baroque venue in the center of Vienna he adds “Or would it be too much?”. Rarely can you see the serious fit upon the 28-year-old, naturally relaxed and outspoken, given to the comical side of things. Olympique’s frontman has always been like this – the band members agree.” All smiles in the interviews but a devoted professional both behind and on stage”.

Entering in a debate with the other members Nino Ebner claims in an agitated way, that in rehearsing in this place for a month, they could produce similar sounding to this of James Blake. “In any case, even more profound” adds Ebner victoriously. A hypothesis, that he quickly abandoned, because the place which was refurbished by the Liechtenstein family for 100 million euros is reserved for wedding parties.

Speaking of parties, Fabian can’t help but smile demurely, upon bringing up the story of Leo ‘s reckless behavior in a Halloween party where he broke his arm. It was because of this unfortunate turn of events that they had to postpone their Switzerland tour. For the lack of better wording, this accident hampered the music group, but at the end their tour was a complete success.

One Door Closes Another Opens for Olympique

As it stands now, Olympique’s formation has gone through changes through the years. Three years after releasing a debut album, Fabian and Nino would start chasing after their dream as if it’s a last-ditch effort. Fabian explains: “We rented a studio and invested all we have into making the music we envision. The dream here is to be professionals”. The guys have surely raised the bar in terms of sophistication and attention to detail. Despite living on music, the musicians are not cutting corners on quality. “We work without a deadline. A song is ready when it feels ready. Our goal is to make music that excites even at the hundredth listen”. Clearly these folks are not the “go-with-the-flow” type, their tracks stand up to scrutiny from all angles.

The Future Is Looking Bright from the Backyard of the Music Group Olympique

Take for instance the title “Chron”, it gives rise to various questions, while putting into perspective the concept of temporality. Is this a bold march into the future or a grief for the past? it’s hard to decide. Fabian gladly takes on the task to elucidate: That album is a still image of Europe, the way we see it. It’s open for interpretation, whether the representation is positive or negative is up to everyone to decide for themselves. One thing is for sure, nobody in their right mind could lightheartedly overlook the events that stirred Europe to its depths.

Hardly had Fabian finished his thought than Nino joined in with a lively look on his face:

I say the last song “Will it be alright” precisely depicts what kind of a situation our generation is in right now. Major changes are knocking at the door and we need to take action as a society. Many parents are afraid for the wellbeing of their children. How to find the strength to move on and be our best selves are the questions of which we’ve always looked the answer for.

So, in short, you try to reach out to people and make them wake up to the ongoing changes in the world?

Fabian: In broad strokes, that’s it, yes. We help the listeners to visualize a picture, but they are free to put the pieces together by themselves. Music can be the drive to a positive change, but we all bear responsibility for looking closely into the topical matter. We want to raise awareness as to how to be more humane. Speaking of human nature, I’d say “Chron” is more about the future. In this regard, what we wanted to showcase is, that when difficult times are upon us, humanity would know what is right.

Nino: I’ll make it easy for you – with “R.O.F” we kind of pick up where we left off with “The Reason I came”. Our ultimate goal is not to confuse the listeners, you know. Instead, we try to point in the right direction saying “This is the Future. You can’t put it off forever”. The single is our way of reconnecting to the public, after this awfully long period of inactivity.

Olympique band has come a long way from where they began their journey – an underground rehearsal room in Vienna. Their music has imbued a whole generation with the power of questioning. Although they came in for a fair share of criticism at some point in their career, Olympique bounced off and are still making tracks that will stay in music history.