The Best of Olympique – An Artistic Heritage for a Whole Generation

Olympique band album 'Crystal Palace'

Olympique band spent four months in Westband studio in Vienna ipreparing their album Crystal Palace. A place where, according to the drummer Nino, the distinct height of the studio makes for an extraordinary sound. He even goes on to call the recording studio “more than special”. Guitarist and singer Fabian reveals that Olympique never shies away from the important questions. “We write about everything that concerns us”, confesses he. Needless to say, this can be seen from a mile away in the album “Crystal Palace”.

The Ups and Lows of the Guys from Salzburg

We can firmly say the band fares well at the height of pressure. Their debut album stands a testament for a true dedication and urge for perfection, the Austrian press points out unanimously. Before Olympique’s first album would even hit the stores, the band had played in quite a few sold-out shows. Everyone had such high hopes for Olympique’s music and the hype might have taken much more dramatic proportion, had not the unforeseen silence. With countless shows under their belt the band was slowly edged out of the daily talk, be it for the lack of updates or something else.

Olympique band album 'Olympique'

In the follow-up tour, the year 2014, the music group traveled around the German-speaking countries. “We’d rather not impose limitations on ourselves. We play everything possible” says Fabian. Although, an unexpected injury has compromised their plans for a show in Switzerland.

It was the same year that Olympique’s “No Estate to Remind” piece was featured in a “Willhaben” commercial. There’s a certain degree of historical significance to the music video accompanying the song given the number of all-time-greatest movie scenes and other footage incorporated within. By choosing this video clip, the group shows class and a good understanding of the pop culture. It’s quite amusing to watch all the brilliant montages in one sequence, with the band’s signature track in the background. The waiting was worth it, however because had it been released one year earlier, the album might’ve fallen flat thanks to the pretentious critics picking the artsiest fare available.

Showing Working-in-the-Trenches Kind of Dedication That is a Tell of True Professionalism

Olympique band album 'Chron'

The band Olympique had to travel around six countries in four days in order to capture the footage seen in “The Reason I Came”. The heavy clouds hanging above the forests create this almost surreal scene. Very quintessential for their style came up the number “Face Down the Earth” an extremely quiet and emotional piece. “A mini model of their entire emotional world says” Ebner. Ironically or not, the music band Olympique remains famed for “The Reason I Came” the most. It’s still defenestrating tracks of the same genre with more than 300k views on YouTube.

In July 2017, completely out of the blue the band came out swinging with the single R.O.F. A fantastic way to kick-start a resurgence. A surprise to some was the transmogrified image of Olympique – exceptionally heavy guitars and growling vocals that excite a vigorous shiver down one’s spine. The song screams “This is the future” as if this single is the anthem of the band itself. Having experienced change not once, Olympique successfully hatched an album fusing together past, present, and future. It was for the good if you ask Nino. He approaches the question from a philosophical standpoint by saying “It seems as if time would go by faster as we grow older, because in our youth seldom do we think about the future at all.” Fabian builds on this idea by saying “we are going all-out with everything we’ve got. Life doesn’t wait, we have only so much time to make our dreams come true, that is to make music our profession”.